This upcoming Saturday, December 9th, we will be participating in a joint operation with 5 other Planetside 2 Emerald Outfits!

As of right now, we have Vindicators (V), Azure Twilight (AT), Ghosts of the Revolution (GOTR), Da Pahty Poopers (DaPP), and the 1st Terran Rangers - Vanu (1TRV). 

This is a huge night for the Derp Company, as well as the Emerald server as a whole! It has been quite some time since a Joint Operation like this was conducted, so lets do our part and make a showing! Please reach out to everyone over the next few days and be sure to bring up this op! 

It will be on the standard op time of 8pm Eastern, and we will all stay in our TS3 server throughout the course of the operation!

See you all there!!!